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14th November 2010

Hobart on a Sunday. If this isn’t the centre of the sporting world I don’t know what is. You can almost smell the glory – although that might actually be the stench of shark bait wafting in from Storm bay.

Uneventful flight over. Adelaide airport had coin operated Bob the Builder ride outside Tie Rack. Jimmy and Swanny tuckered themselves out on it. Slept all the way to Tasmania. Got a lollipop each for being good boys. They’re lovely at that age aren’t they? 28 and 31.

Great news. Strauss has stopped calling me Tom.  Now refers to me as Todd. Progress? Am I closer to starting XI?

Tactics meeting over tonight’s team meal. Used condiments to illustrate field settings. Salt and pepper for slips. Vinegar at cover point. Mustard on boundary for mis-timed hook. Got a little tense trying to explain that last one to Colly. A bit Dougal from Father Ted. That tells you all you need to know about 20/20 captaincy I suppose.

Preparations in hand to send advance party to acclimatise in Brisbane. Flower selling it as an “outflanking manoeuvre”. Claims “this will be our Dieppe, our Gallipoli”.

Hard to argue with that logic…