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8th November 2010

Ah, the morning after the night before! Not an admission of curfew breaking. More a pseudo affirmation of the bourgeois concept of time’s linear construct. Not my idea of reality. How does it explain KP’s continuing vulnerability to slow left arm? He’s clearly not learning from history. Which doesn’t exist. Except in the future past.

Almost missed flight to Adelaide. So much for my views on an amorphous fourth dimension. Don’t reconcile with Qantas flight schedules. Try explaining the accelerating universe and spacetime geodesics to a check-in girl ten minutes from her break. She ain’t having it, blood. You’re just a pain in the arse late arrival to her.

Management not impressed either. Sent to naughty step. Seat between captain and coach. Oh joy. Two hours of “affecting a paradigm shift to our bowling length” and “leveraging first innings core competency” on one side, whilst a ring on a piece of string sways to the rhythm’s of James Blunt on the other. Dante, I have found a circle of hell you missed!

Zoned out for rest of journey. Just nodded my head whenever Straussy started up conversation.

Question. Is it too late to tell him my name’s not Tom?

Mmm, perhaps I’ll wait till sometime in the future.

Or the past.

Whichever comes first.