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7th November 2010

15 years in Chernobyl. You’d think your Geiger Counter wouldn’t detect background radiation anymore. Not Shane Warne. Walks out of Australia’s dressing room and spots the slightest hint of English arrogance a mile off. What a guy. He’ll be preaching monogamy next.

Enough of the papers.

Delayed departure to ground. Tremlett started dragging feet when he saw people waiting for autographs. Beginning to think rough, tough, bang in the ball, Chris, is freaked out by crowds. Wonder if he’ll be picked at the MCG? It’ll be his Vietnam. Fair comparison? I think so. Come mid-afternoon Bay13 are more unpredictable than the Vietcong.  Hard to imagine Ray Illingworth can watch The Deer Hunter without a shiver of recognition.

Final day of first warm-up match. Stepped up performance. Well, most of the team. Poor Alistair. He really needs to alter where he takes guard. I’d suggest a foot and a half behind Strauss.


Flower is elated. “We have run the flag of triumph up the pole of opportunity”. Quite. Wonder how that played in press conference? Will Daily Mail quote him? A first positive reference to Poles since 1940.

Seems unlikely…