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6th November 2010

Early morning run on beach. Get the blood pumping. One foot in front of the other. What’s that ancient Lau Tzu quote? “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Wise words. Those were the days before Ryanair and student railcards, of course.  Different world for the modern cricketer. More opportunity to travel. See the world. Nail an off-duty air-stewardess in the Stansted Travelodge. Makes you wonder how Shane Warne would have coped in 6th century BC China. Bloated on all that rice, probably. Photoshop that, internet geeks!

Second day of actual play, first batting collapse. Something reassuringly familiar about the phrase England 117 for seven. Like an old comfort blanket. You don’t care what it smells like; it reminds you of your childhood.

Swann and Broad dig us out of trouble. There is no doubt. No hesitancy. Two minds wiped of outside interruption. Two minds attaining Phillip Glass like minimalistic perfection. Scan their brains with an electroencephalograph and they’d be flat-lining like a Michael Clarke 20/20 innings.

Declared whilst Strauss in toilet. Looked shocked when he got out. No bathroom attendant. Wouldn’t happen at Lord’s. A Radley man should never have to use an eclectic hand dryer. Try going to Castleford High, you’d never have too either, just wipe them on the jacket of lad in front of you…

Wonder if it’s chips at t’hotel tonight?