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3rd November 2010

Overnight storm kept Tremlett on edge till early hours. To be fair he is 3 inches closer to lightening than anyone else in the squad. Except when he’s lying in bed at night, of course. Then Gooch is technically the closest by dint of keeping his ‘unit’ on top of wardrobe to avoid bug infestation.

Psychologist in with batsmen this morning. Lots of work with flash cards. “Shane Warne Has Retired”, “Ignore the Nasty Men”, “Numbers Can Extend into Three Figures”, that sort of thing. Seems to have done the trick. Alistair no longer visibly shaking.

Enjoyed Aus/Sri Lanka ODI. Australia appear capable of losing from any given situation. That takes skill. Complete lack of skill. Interesting new spinner on show – Xavier – 48 points on a triple word score. For the Ashes we’ve been wondering if they’ll go with Steve Smith or Nathan Hauritz – the Argos Adil Rashid and Matalan Monty Panesar of down under – but now they’ve found their own TK Maxx Tredwell.

Options, you see, everyone needs options.