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29th October 2010

Setting off for Oz today.

Packing was a pain, but like any monotonous task the tedium can be overcome by a simple act of willpower allied to a little creativity.  So to stave off boredom I folded my shirts into a reproduction of the never-ending staircase from Escher’s Ascending and Decending. It works quite well as a satire on our itinerary for the three month long tour, although I’m not sure an Australian customs official opening the bag will get the reference.

Think I’ve picked correct underwear for the trip too – lightweight briefs with a design that combines the functional modernity of early-period Bauhaus with the traction needed to stop the cloth disappearing up your corridor of uncertainty mid-over. If Berlin-era Bowie knew how to bowl an off-cutter, these would be the undercrackers he’d wear.

Anyway, taxi will be here soon; fingers crossed I’m not sitting next to Jimmy on the plane, don’t think I’ve the patience to spend another journey explaining why you can’t get cable on the mini-screens.

Will write again after we land.